Jonah Goldberg on Magic Tricks

Over at the Corner, Jonah Goldberg runs into some difficulty:

Okay, so my four year old daughter desperately wants me to do more magic tricks. All I can really do for her are variations of “Hey, I found a quarter in your ear” stuff. And even then, the prestidigitation isn’t really up to snuff. If she were five, she’d be on to me. So, I need really simple, stupid in fact, magic tricks that can be done with little skill, that will impress a four year-old. Any suggestions?

Given the crowd he runs with and the Kool Aid he drinks, I would imagine the best stupid magic trick for Jonah is obvious. He can simply cut the kid’s allowance allowance and let the Laffer curve multiply her income.

The benefits of this trick are many. Some that come to mind:
1. His daughter will soon be rich
2. In order for her to realize that she is rich, she will have to learn to disregard things like “evidence” and “facts” which will be particularly useful when he teaches her the Ledeen Doctrine in a couple of years
3. Jonah can teach his daughter about the evil liberal fascists who refuse to believe and how insulting it is to him that the liberal fascists refuse to believe

Some people never stop believing in stupid magic tricks.