James Pethokoukis Searches for a Pro-Growth Candidate

James Pethokoukis finds a topic that I cannot resist. And when I got to this, I actually stood up and applauded:

Now being pro-growth is as much a way of thinking as it is a set of policy proposals. Let’s say a candidate is for tax cuts. Is it because the cuts increase the pro-growth incentive to work, save, and invest or is it merely so voters can “keep more of what they earn.” And being “pro-growth” isn’t just some euphemism for a being a Republican supply-side tax cutter.

Right after this realization that encouraging more consumption is not a pro-growth strategy, he refers to Gene Sperling’s The Pro-Growth Progressive and then follows with some comments about Greg Mankiw and Edward Lazear’s defense of free trade. Now I happen to be a free trade type too, but where are the Republican ideas for increasing rather than decreasing national savings? Our search for a pro-growth Presidential candidate continues.