Health Insurance and Entrepeneurship

I had meant to write about this earlier but was swamped, and now I see Kevin Drum beat me to it. The LA Times has a great story about healthcare. It seems that entrepeneurs are having a harder and harder time getting healthcare:

Among uninsured workers, nearly 63% are self-employed or work in small firms, Todd Stottlemyer, president of the National Federation of Independent Business, told Congress recently.

For what its worth, I am self-employed, and so is the Ex-GF, though she’s looking for other work. So this hits home. But my thoughts run elsewhere. Supposedly what makes this country unique, as opposed to, say, Europe, is the entrepeneur. Heck, listen to a good Republican long enough and they’ll tell you that anyone with gumption in Sweden or France has to come over her in order to start a business. What happens to the American business model when the small businessman and the small businesswoman cannot afford to be in business any more because of healthcare costs?