Equating Adultery with the Outing of a CIA Agent

No surprise that Cliff May would do that:

One more point: Valerie Plame is getting $2.5 million for “her story.” How much did New York publishers and Hollywood producers pay for the stories of Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick?

Of course, President Clinton admitted he behaved like a jerk with respect to Ms. Jones and leave it to Cliffy to dust off that Jane Doe #5 canard. But the real stupidity of the day goes to the Roundtable of ABC’s This Week that featured George Will and Torie Clark (ABC failed to mention that Ms. Clark was a Pentagon spokesperson during the Iraq War). It would seem that most of the panel was pushing the no underlying crime BS so hard that David Corn just sat there.

Will led off with the claim that Novak’s July 14, 2003 hit job was just another news story like the thousands that he has written. I wonder if our enemies are going over Mr. Will’s past columns to see if he has also outed CIA agents? Ms. Clark suggested that Ms. Plame was not an important person. So why do we bother protecting our CIA agents given that these pundits deem them to be so insignificant? And of course, Libby’s perjury and obstruction of justice was no worse than Bill Clinton being dishonest about adultery.

To think I was mad at my cable network for showing a bunch of high school girls babbling on about horses rather than show Face the Nation. Maybe ABC should have given the twenty minutes of wasted air time for this parade of pathetically stupid and dishonest pundits to some other high schoolers. It would have been far more enlightening.

I tried to find a transcript to this morning’s This Week. They don’t do transcripts apparently. I guess I know why.