Did Victoria Toensing Commit Perjury Today?

Update: The 22-page statement of Ms. Toensing shows us several things including what an arrogant twit she is:

Under the term “covert agent,” two types of individuals are covered: an officer and an agent. A person working for the CIA is an “officer.” A person who is an informant or source for the CIA is an “agent.” The media often err in this distinction.

We bow to her superior intellect as she blames the CIA for TraitorGate:

No White House can prudently safeguard classified or otherwise non-disclosable intelligence information (such as covert status) unless its own intelligence agency follows the proper procedures to inform it and its Executive branch clients of that classification or status. If Plame was really covert in July 2003 (or within five years of covert), the CIA was required under the statue to take “affirmative measures” to conceal her relationship to the United States, particularly because the criminal law comes into play.

She follows this with a sequence of Byron York style questions that have nothing to do with the claim she is making. But hey – she sounds smart for tossing out a lot of horse manure. But then comes the central claim to her entire BS:

In his own words, in an autobiography titled, “Politics of Truth,” Joseph Wilson, husband of Plame, reveals the timing of her return from foreign assignment as June 1997, some six years prior to Novak’s July 2003 column.

And of course, she never left the safety of the United States from June 1997 to July 2003. If you believe this then you were not listening to Valerie Plame earlier in the day:

Cummings also asked Wilson to respond to the specific claim, made by Victoria Toensing and others, that Plame had lost her covert status because she “had not been stationed abroad within five years.” Cummings asked, “During the past five years, Ms. Plame, from today, did you conduct secret missions overseas?” She answered, “Yes I did, congressman.”

Every bit of Toensing’s BS has been proven to be false over and over – and yet this woman continues to repeat her lies. Of course, I should thank Klo even if she to think Toensing had a point (and apparently Tom Maguire does too – go figure). Speaking of wingnuts being suckered by Ms. Toensing’s serial dishonesty – check out Andy McCarthy :

We don’t know all the facts necessary to render a definitive judgment, but it sure seems like Mrs. Wilson is using the continuing sensitivity of facts about her formerly covert STATUS to suggest, misleadingly, that she continued to have a covert RANK once she returned back home and was assigned to headquarters – where a zillion people a day saw her walk in and out of CIA and the Agency was obviously not trying to conceal the fact that she worked there.

Wow – a zillion people each day watched Ms. Plame enter Langley?! I know she’s cute so I hope this was just horny lads and not enemies of the state. But didn’t Andy listen to Ms. Plame’s testimony in the morning or was he too busy reading the bloviations from the Corner Kids all day? Or what was that line from Tom Maguire again – sworn testimony from CIA agents can’t count as they are not attorneys. I guess sworn testimony from the DCIA can’t count either.

Such a wonderful alternative universe do these wingnuts live in!

Christy Hardin Smith and her colleagues at TraitorGate Central have been doing very good work today covering the hearing chaired by Henry Waxman. Let’s start with the “testimony” of serial liar Victoria Toensing:

Rep. Waxman goes into how Toensing reached her conclusions. She says that Valerie is “not a covert agent under the Act.” Toensing now arguing whether Hayden understands what “covert” means. Doesn’t know whether she can talk about what was or was not leaked — because Toensing wants to argue about what the meaning of “leak” is? Do you have first hand information that people at the White House have knowledge that she was a covert agent? No. Says she has information only through testimony at the trial. Toensing now going on and on about testimony at trial not including information on covert status again, despite knowing that Judge Walton had a limiting instruction on any testimony regarding covert status information before the trial ever started … Rep. Cummings going into the Toensing Op-Ed issue — “foreign assignment” parsing of language and statutory authority. [CHS says: Toensing is filibustering her answers with the Dems.] Ex. Order 12958 – Hayden’s approval of Waxman’s statement that Ms. Wilson’s status was classified, that she was a covert agent protected under the aforementioned Executive Order. Rep. Watson going into the Toensing assertions in her WaPo Op-Ed now. “It seems to me that your remarks are contrary to Ms. Wilson’s statement here. Do you still maintain that she was not a covert agent?” Toensing says “not under the law.” Rep. Watson is very carefully guarding her time. Toensing says that she did not talk to either the CIA or Valerie Wilson about Valerie’s employment status. Toensing says that under “her” statute, Valerie isn’t what she would qualify as “covert” in her legal interpretation. Rep. Watson says she isn’t asking about IIPA – in contrast, she’s asking about Administrative rules under the Executive order. Prohibits both reckless and negligent disclosures of classified information – and violates the executive order even though it does not violate the IIPA? Toensings stalls and tap dances and then asks for the question to be repeated. Yes, that is correct.

Of course, we also heard from DCIA Hayden as well as Ms. Plame herself as to the fact that she was covert. Why Ms. Toensing who has never had a clue would testify to the contrary is just beyond me. But there’s more:

Toensing now blames David Corn for Valerie’s disclosure – says David published Valerie’s covert status before Novak. Van Holen says he understands her focus is on the criminal aspect, but that he finds it stunning that the WH has never done any investigation into the disclosure. Toensing says “shame on the CIA.” Toensing now blaming Grenier for not telling the Vice President and/or Libby that Valerie’s status was classified or covert says this came -from corss-examination testimony.

Corn’s article ran on July 16, 2003 whereas Novak’s ran on July 14, 2003. Could somehow give Ms. Toensing a calendar? But there is where it got fun:

Waxman says that he is going to hold the record open, and check Toensing’s statements on the record. Waxman says he will be checking with Fitzgerald on his interpretation of the law. [CHS asks: Is it me, or is that a “correct the record, or there may be a perjury question in the offing if we find errors in your testimony?”]

Oh joy! Victoria Toensing serving time in prison for perjury!
Nico at ThinkProgress has Ms. Plame’s testimony on this matter:

Cummings also asked Wilson to respond to the specific claim, made by Victoria Toensing and others, that Plame had lost her covert status because she “had not been stationed abroad within five years.” Cummings asked, “During the past five years, Ms. Plame, from today, did you conduct secret missions overseas?” She answered, “Yes I did, congressman.”

Faiz at ThinkProgress details some of the others who have lied about this – followed by “We await their apologies and statements of correction.” Faiz also reminds us of another lie by Jonah Goldberg:

But it sounds like the leaker is dropping in rank and importance as is the transgression. Wilson’s wife is a desk jockey and much of the Washington cocktail circuit knew that already.

So now that their serial lies have been exposed, let’s check on what the Corner Kids have been saying today. Read them all – they are still lying. They better be glad they were not under oath today.