CoRev on False Accusations of Rape

This one is by reader CoRev. It highlights a big problem. Rape is a horrific crime. Falsely accusing someone of rape is also. My suspicion is that there are a lot of women out there who have been raped by a criminal that went unpunished, and a lot of men who have been falsely accused. I also believe that false accusations of rape make it much harder to prosecute real rapists, which means more rapists moving freely through society and more women becoming rape victims. Being a data kind of guy, as I read CoRev’s post, I tried to think of how to test the magnitude of the problem. Sadly, I have no idea.

Note also. This post is on a sensitive subject. I assume reader CoRev wrote it in the most delicate way he could. However, I’ve found from my own writing, when tackling controversial topics its easy to write something that can be misinterpreted. Please keep that in mind as you read this.


False Rape Claims are Real and Disastrous for the Accused

A secret that feminists do not want out is that Women Lie About Rape. The past year has had a spate of highly publicized rape claims which have proved to be in kind terms, erroneous, or in less kind terms, false. Three come to mind immediately, 1) Duke lacrosse (LAX), 2) US Naval Academy Midshipman Lamar Owens (LO) and the US Air force Academy’s (USAFA) multiple rape claims. The military cases have completed the criminal justice system and the accused have been acquitted, while Duke Lax has been removed from the prosecutors hands. Why are these cases being brought and lost? Because they were not true from the beginning.

Women’s study courses universally teach just the opposite. Common teachings include: Women don’t lie about rape. Why would they, it is so painful. Even when they do it is no more than the average of other crimes, two percent.

Two percent? Where did this come from? A study of feminist research documents done by Edward Greer has shown that the claim is a pyramid interlocking and circular references originating from Susan Brownmiller’s “Against Our Wills”. And, the research that Ms. Brownmiller cites? A seminal comment, not researched, by Lt Julia Tucker, former commander of the New York city Sex Crimes Analysis Unit, provided for a New York Judge giving a speech before the New York Association of the Bar, Jan. 16, 1974.

What we have is a “consensus fact”. All literature leads to the same facts; therefore, it MUST be true.

Contemporary studies, most better documented than leading feminists, show just the opposite. This link summarizes findings from a variety of reports. But, be assured that these reports do exist.

A summation of several studies, including references, shows that as many as half of all rape claims may be false. Most reports show that the actual number is actually at least ten times the “Women’s Literature” claims.

Once a woman cries, “Rape,” the man she points to is seen as guilty– and the courts make it easy to condemn. Indeed in the Military Services there are victims Support Offices. Cry rape and automatically the accuser is a victim, has a formal infrastructure to support her, and, is usually given transactional amnesty for anything that may come out in her testimony.

The accused has NO SUPPORT. He must pay for his legal fight, and whether he wins or loses his life is scarred.

Reasons some women do it include:

1· to create an alibi,
2· to get revenge,
3· to get attention or sympathy.”

The next time you hear the story line: “Stop, or I’ll claim rape!” Think about the message being sent to American man and women. Does it reinforce the erroneous teaching in the women’s study programs. More over, is it a result of the teachings? False rape claims are much higher than what is taught and much more damaging than thought.


Back to cactus… When I was in college, I had a job giving tennis lessons. One of my students was a girl about thirteen. Her home shared a tennis court with several other homes. Oftentimes, after the lesson, we’d walk to her house and I’d find nobody was there. Having grown up in a dangerous place, I wasn’t about to simply walk away and let a thirteen year old girl walk into a large empty home by herself. On the other hand, I wasn’t about to walk into a house with a thirteen year old girl either for reasons similar to those detailed by CoRev above. My solution was to sit on the stoop with the door of the house open while she checked every room in the house. She mocked me for it every time – and let me tell you, you haven’t been mocked until you’ve been mocked by a thirteen year old girl.