Starbucks, Part 2

Regular readers may recall that the Ex-Girlfriend is addicted to Starbucks espresso. (Everybody needs a character flaw.) Anyway, we got an espresso-maker as a wedding gift, and this morning she was puttering around the kitchen making noises for a while, and then the espresso-maker started doing the same. Eventually, it spit out some black liquid made with beans purchased at Trader Joe’s.

The Ex-Girlfriend pronounced the coffee inadequate – “not as good as Starbucks.” Since it was her first time doing it, the process was repeated: Ex-Girlfriend made noises, espresso-maker made noises, liquid was expelled, and liquid was pronounced undrinkable.

As I write, the Ex-Girlfriend is putting on shoes and is about to head to Starbucks. She asked me to convey some questions….

If she were to ask the Starbucks folks what blend they use, would they tell her? Do they sell that precise blend, or do the blends they sell differ from the ones they actually use? Can readers recommend a blend that would taste good to someone whose taste buds are defective enough to enjoy Starbucks?