Ray LaHood on the Pelosi Jet Scandal

Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House ranks right behind Dick Cheney in the line of succession to replace George Bush as President. So the fact that the Pentagon is providing her with a military jet in the same fashion that they provided the previous Speaker is no surprise. Yet certain rightwingers – and a few other nuts such as Lou Dobbs – thinks this is a scandal, which is just stupid. Carl Hulse recaps this faux story noting Tony Snow calling this a silly story. Hulse finishes his article with:

Some Republicans were put off by the flight fight. “This is a bunch of baloney,” said Representative Ray LaHood, Republican of Illinois, who said he had flown on Mr. Hastert’s military plane. “Next week,” Representative Jeff Flake, Republican of Arizona, said, “we are going to steal their mascot and short-sheet their beds.”

We also learned that some Congressmen were criticizing Pelosi’s love of chocolate. Maybe they should join her on her next flight to San Francisco so they can visit Ghirardelli Square.

Update: Since the title of the piece by Darlene Superville (House GOP Blasts Pelosi for Plane Request) was a lie, her lead had to be dishonest as well:

For most of the past five weeks, House Republicans could do little else but watch as majority Democrats passed major legislation without giving them a chance to propose changes or offer alternatives.

The Democrats did pass major legislation – often with House Republicans voting for these bills. And yes, they had opportunities to debate. More than the previous Speaker allowed the minority party. In fact, read further in this story and you’ll see:

The Republicans’ amendment to the alternative fuels bill amounted to a dig at Pelosi; it specifically mentioned passenger planes “capable of transcontinental flights.”

Wait a second, didn’t she write that the Republicans did not have any chances of propose amendments?

Hat tip to The Horse’s Mouth for thoroughly covering the lies from the rightwing and fake journalists like Darlene Superville.