The President’s Plan

The folks at the NRO Corner sometimes seem like they’re playing the straight man in a comedy routine. This morning,

Bill Bennett writes:

When the Congress authorized the president to use force, to go to war, they authorized the president and country to not only go to war but to win the war. We cannot win the war if a) our enemy is saying our withdrawal is their goal and b) the opposition party here at home seeks our withdrawal; pushes for withdrawal; wants withdrawal, and ultimately gets withdrawal.

Bennett is, of course, right. Congress authorized the “president and country to not only go to war but to win the war.” Not to make the hash of it that the President has made. At some point, isn’t the President in violation of the authorization?

Thin of it this way. Say Congress authorizes the President to send a manned expedition to Mars. The President promises it will be done in a year at little cost. Four years and a half a trillion dollars later, there is no expedition to Mars. However, NASA is digging a tunnel under Chicago, and its causing a lot of sink-holes. Meanwhile, the President issues a new plan to reduce the number of sinkholes associated with the tunnel. Would Bennett assume we should all support the President’s plan to get to Mars? And would he support the President if the President were not someone he voted for, twice?