The Perjury Trial: Why Only Libby?

Let me start with the usual dipshit analysis from Byron York:

What do Bob Woodward, Robert Novak, Walter Pincus, David Sanger, Glenn Kessler, and Evan Thomas have in common? … each heard nothing from Libby about Valerie Plame Wilson.

Ah Byron – that’s why the defense called them as witnesses. DUH! Now, let’s talk about Ari Fleischer and Judy Miller. What do they have in common besides being witnesses for the prosecution? Oh yea, Scooter told them about Valerie Plame Wilson. Of course, that’s not the real reason that this is dipshit analysis. Let’s turn the microphone over to Kevin Drum:

Who cares? Libby’s not on trial for outing Plame’s identity.

Thanks Kevin, but let him keep talking as he has something more fundamental to ask:

So here’s a more pointed question. As near as I can tell, everyone else that prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald talked to during the course of his investigation told him the truth. That includes Richard Armitage, who originally leaked Plame’s name to Robert Novak. It also appears to include Karl Rove (though only barely), Bob Woodward, Ari Fleischer, Novak himself, and dozens of others. So here’s my question: If everyone else told the truth, why did Libby lie? Repeatedly. Under oath. What was different about the vice president’s office that out of the entire mountain of people Fitzgerald interviewed, Dick Cheney’s chief of staff was the only one who felt he had to lie?

You know – Byron York’s incessant manure sometimes pays dividends. It gets reasonable people like Kevin Drum probing even deeper into the mess known as PlameGate. The National Review apologists for the liars in the White House want us to believe this is no more than lying about adultery – or something like that (except adultery seems to be an impeachable offense). No, no, no, no – the REASON Libby perjured himself was to protect Dick Cheney. One has to wonder – from what?