John Edwards on Paying for Health Care

John Edwards was just on Face the Nation talking about his health care plan. When Bob Schieffer asked him if paying for this plan would require a tax increase – Edwards said yes. Edwards specifically said the Bush tax cuts for those with incomes over $200,000 would have to be repealed. Such a refreshing contrast to the fiscal dishonesty of Bob’s other guest – Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Governor Schwarzenegger spent his time on Face the Nation talking about all of that new spending – which will not be paid for by a tax increase (at least until we get a real governor).

Update: AB reader Sebastian Holsclaw makes an important point:

I thought repealing those tax cuts was necessary to cover CURRENT spending. Adding a huge new health care plan would require large additional taxes.

He’s right. In my comment reply, I noted that Edwards is only going halfway towards fiscal integrity. As this campaign proceeds, we’ll have lots of time to see if the various candidates continue to completely pander with free lunch promises, go halfway as Edwards did today, or actually tell us the truth about the degree of fiscal insanity we have let ourselves slip into. Anyone who campaigns on spend and borrow will not get my vote. While I said I was leaning towards Edwards – his paygo statement today was insufficient. Edwards and everyone else who is serious about being our next President should put forward a deficit reduction program that has more substance than the smoke-and-mirrors serial dishonesty that is currently emanating from the White House.