Global Warming: Tucker Carlson Exercises His Freedom of Speech to Show How Clueless He Really Is

My apologies to our readers but certain rightwing hacks are truly out of control – such of Bowtie Jr. (Tucker – you have to live with the fact that however pathetic you become, you still are not quite George Will):

But first, global warming. An international report appeared the other day echoing what Al Gore has said for a long time: global warming is real and civilization probably is causing it. The majority of climate scientists appear to agree with this conclusion. The majority, but not all of them. George Taylor, Oregon’s longtime state climatologist, holds a contrary view. Taylor believes global warming is mostly the result of what he calls natural variations, long-term trends that humans can’t control. Among climatologists, this is not considered a crackpot view, but political in Oregon, it is heresy. The Democratic governor of that state has announced that he will trip George Taylor of his title for daring to question the causes of global warming. Keep in mind that the governor is not a scientist. He hasn’t cited any dishonesty in Taylor’s scholarship. He just doesn’t think he ought to be allowed to disagree with the conventional wisdom on global warming. But wait. Whatever happened to freedom of speech and the sanctity of the scientific process? The very people you’d expect to stand up for a scientist’s right to practice science in the face of politics have been silent in the case of George Taylor. Why? Because his position isn’t fashionable at the moment, and in the end that’s all that counts, unfortunately.

Relax Tucker – no one is taking away your freedom to be always wrong as Faiz explains:

1) Taylor is not the “state climatologist.” Oregon abolished the position in 1989. He was bestowed the title by Oregon State University , not by Gov. Kulongoski or the state of Oregon.
2) Taylor is not a “climatologist.” Taylor is a meteorologist. He does not possess a PhD or have a background in climatology.
3) He will not be fired. Taylor will not lose his job or income, which comes from Oregon State University. He will merely be stripped of his title, which he never earned but claims to retain. Gov. Kulongoski has the right to appoint aclimatologist who is an expert in the field and adheres to the state’s climate policies.

I just wish NBC and MSNBC will exercise their right to hire competent people for their news shows. So why does a goofball like Tucker Carlson still have a job?