Could Someone Tell Kudlow That Poor People Pay Sales Taxes?

Cactus was too kind to the man in the clown suit:

Yes, there are two Americas, but not the two that these tax-happy liberals keep talking about. The real two Americas are a taxpaying America and a non-tax paying America, according to Tax Foundation president Scott Hodge.

But Kudlow linked to An Undertaxed America:

Each year, the Tax Foundation measures all taxation at the federal, state and local level as a percentage of income.

Kudlow refers to Federal taxes – which incidentally include payroll contributions, which are paid by the working poor – and completely misses the fact most American pay state and local sales taxes. But there is an odd contradiction in what he calls a good editorial:

Despite the president’s tax cuts, America’s aggregate tax burden is historically high and rising … By the end of the Clinton administration, Americans’ average tax burden had reached the historically unprecedented level of 33.6%. Under the current administration, the total tax burden has gotten as low as less than 30%. Since 2004, however, it’s rising again, standing now at 31.6%.

Since when does 31.6% exceed 33.6%?