A Brief Mostly Non-Comment Ethanol

Reader OldVet sends a link to an article on Ethanol prices. This is way outside my area of expertise, and I can’t vouch for the figures. That said, I’ve always thought corn ethanol was a bad hoax perpetrated on the American public. Ethanol from other sources, of course, can work. It works in Brazil, but then sugar cane grows by itself on the side of the road like a weed, and sugar cane has plenty of sugar in it. I’m the farthest thing one can find from a farmer, and pretty ignorant about agriculture in general, but corn just doesn’t seem to have that much sugar in it, it seems to require some effort to cultivate, and it doesn’t seem all that easy to extract. And it doesn’t help that the folks at Archer Daniels Midland seems to get caught engaging in unfortunate behavior from time to time.