Administrative Details

As most sentient creatures and some of the folks who write at the Corner have noticed by now, the Bush administration tends to announce bad news on a Friday afternoon. I figured I’d get a jump on the rush and announce my impending demise, and that of the the Girlfriend. Yup, we’re throwing in the towel. The plan is to get married this weekend. Anyway, the friends, relatives and assorted riff-raff have started showing up, there are some last minute details to look at and I still have actual work that needs doing. Plus it occurs to me that perhaps right about now I should learn how to dance – I wouldn’t want to procrastinate.

All of which is to say you probably won’t hear from me at least until Monday, possibly Tuesday, but as far as I know PGL and Steve Kyle don’t have an excuse of this caliber so don’t go nowhere.

(BTW… we’re doing this wedding thing under protest. The Girlfriend wanted the Las Vegas experience and I was eyeing the J of P route, but we were over-ridden.)

Now I know you’re probably worried we’ve neglected what’s really important. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. The Girlfriend and I have been discussing this for weeks now, and we finally came up with an appropriate way for her to be referred to in my posts from here on out. The first thought was Mrs. cactus, but best laid plans often don’t come to pass, so it seemed a bit presumptuous. (After all, its not too late for one or both of us to weasel out.) So we decided upon a moniker that would be accurate regardless of what happens in the next couple of days. Until further notice, she will be referred to as the “Ex-Girlfriend.”