Staying in Iraq: The Domino Effect with No Dominoes

Update: Larry Johnson compares the initial incorrect account of how five of our soldiers were killed by insurgents dressed in US military uniforms. After Larry gets over the fact that the US military lied in its initial account, he writes:

At the very moment we are surging troops into Baghdad, who will be scattered in small outposts throughout the city and will have to rely on Iraqi soldiers to protect them, we learn belatedly that someone in Iraq is dressing up in US military uniforms, carrying US weapons, and speaking English like a gringo. You know what this means? U.S. soldiers who were already skeptical about the trustworthiness of their Iraqi counterparts will now also have to question whether the U.S. soldier coming towards them is really a U.S. soldier.

We don’t have enough US soldiers to carry out this mission, but I have to rescind my suggestion that the chickenhawks should enlist. After all – if Jonah Goldberg was walking towards you, wouldn’t you question whether he was really a U.S. soldier?


Does Jonah Goldberg have any clue why we must stay in Iraq? I ask this given his attack on Democrats in general and on Senator Webb – who did serve in Vietnam. Yes, Jonah Goldberg has not volunteered to serve in either Iraq or Afghanistan as he bravely types McCarthyite insults at those who realize this war was a mistake from the beginning. But that does not make him unique among all those chickenhawk, draft dodging neocons (did someone say Dick Cheney). But his attack oddly starts with how Senator Webb quoted President Eisenhower followed by:

One wonders if the untold millions of North Koreans who’ve starved, bled, and died since then would similarly applaud Eisenhower’s courage and wisdom. For more than half a century, North Korea has been a prison-camp society beyond the imagining of George Orwell, where public executions for stealing food are familiar events. The man-made famine of the 1990s alone claimed the lives of up to 1 million people (hard data from Stalinist regimes are difficult to come by).

OK – but South Korea did not call to the communists. I mention the “Domino Effect with No Dominoes” because after South Vietnam fell to the government up north with Cambodia already heading to the Khmer Rouge disaster thanks to Nixon undermining its Prince to install Lon Nol, our very weak puppet, we did not see the rest of Southeast Asia fall under Communist rule. So are we staying there so our soldiers can be killed along with innocent Iraqis in this civil war brought on by Bush’s 3/19/2003 blunder – one that was supported by chickenhawks like Mr. Goldberg?

Incidentally, our troops are still there but they are not being killed on a daily basis like they are in Iraq. But if the chickenhawk squad wishes to rush North Korea to rescue these poor souls, may I suggest that Jonah Goldberg lead the charge? This silly tirade gets even stranger as we read further:

None of this explains why Democrats are so eager to support continued U.S. fighting against the Taliban as part of NATO forces in Afghanistan, even though that puts us between two sides in what amounts to an Afghan civil war. But maybe Afghanistan is a humanitarian crisis too. Or maybe it’s an excuse for Democrats to prove they are still tough as far as foreign policy.

I guess no one told Mr. Goldberg that the people that hit us on 9/11 were not being protected by Saddam Hussein but rather by the Taliban. And has he not paid any attention that these same folks are retraining near the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan?