Readers: Lurkers v. Posters

Norbizness asks a question on his blog I’ve had about Angry Bear… why are there so many more lurkers than commentators? Angry Bear seems to get a bit more than 2,000 hits a day on weekdays (check the blogger link). Even assuming each reader clicks on Angry Bear 4 times a day, we have an average of 500 distinct readers a day. I read most of the comments (not just to my own posts), and I could probably from memory make a list of 25 or so commentators. Even if that figure were doubled, at most one out of ten readers posts a comment. That’s a pity, because I learn more from reading the comments than I do (forgive me guys) from reading PGL and Steve Kyle, or even from writing stuff myself. This is not to criticize PGL or Steve Kyle or myself – merely that the readers bring a far more diverse perspective to things than the three of us can.

So this one is for those readers. Care to comment? Note that Norbizness has compiled a list of icebreakers and conversation starters should you find yourself at a loss for words. (BTW – I probably should leave a comment at Norbizness’ site. I don’t think I ever did. Naaah… I think I’d rather lurk.)