Preface to the Surge

I had a post the other day commenting on William Kristol’s statements about the surge in Iraq.

I noted that while I sincerely hoped the President did somethign right for once, given all the lives at stake, “[i]n six months, it will be evident to almost everything that GW has failed again. In two years, it will be evident even to Kristol.”

Unfortunately, I may have been optimistic. Steven Benen discusses problems arising even before the surge begins.

At some point, if Kristol and the rest of the Weekly Standard/National Review crowd truly were patriotic, they’d shut the hell up, because clearly their suggestions have so far been worse than useless, they’ve been dangerous. And at some point, if GW and Cheney and their entire administration really are patriotic, they’d they have the decency to resign and let someone else have a go at it, since they’re clearly way outside their depth.

(And they’re not just outside their depth on the war in Iraq. A competent President might actually do something about the debt too.)

Correction… I wrote this in too much of a hurry the first time, and got the name of Kristol’s magazine wrong. Apologies.