A Look at No Gazebo Left Behind

Say a well known economist worked for Mitt Romney, perhaps as co-chair of Romney’s PAC’s advisory council. Say that economist had a blog, on which he wrote a story that had quoted these 2 sentences:

“Governor Patrick says the state faces a potential budget deficit of one billion dollars in the next fiscal year. The state’s new chief executive says the Romney administration misrepresented the financial situation with “all sorts of patches and plugs.””

It also quoted this quote:

“With Deval Patrick now in the corner office on Beacon Hill, officials and community leaders south of Boston are applauding his decision to restore budget cuts made by former governor Mitt Romney.

The restored cuts statewide amount to $383.6 million. While it is difficult to estimate how much of that money was destined for south of Boston, the funds clearly benefit dozens of projects here and help thousands of people.

The affected projects range from downtown revitalization work in Stoughton, Milton, and Quincy, to a skating rink in Randolph. Workers at Bridgewater State College and those who work with the elderly will get long-awaited raises. And ratepayers in communities served by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority will get $25 million in rate relief.

In Braintree, the list of restored budget items illustrates why Patrick’s reversal of his predecessor’s order came as a huge relief: $100,000 for a library land purchase; $100,000 in aid to the police and fire departments; $100,000 for a town gazebo; $25,000 for the local Council on Aging; $20,000 to help close the public library’s budget; and $250,000 for a flooding study in the Bestick Road area.”

Granted, the reader is allowed to draw his/her own conclusion of Patrick v. Romney from the blog post entitled “No gazebo left behind.”

Now, would you expect that somewhere on the post, or if not in the post itself, at least somewhere in the blog, there would be some sort of a mention of the economist’s affiliation with Romney?

Neither did I.

Update: Reader Raghav points out that Romney did have a post indicating he had become an advisor to Romney. For whatever reason, it did not come up when I did a search on his blog using “Romney” as a search term. That said, I should have done a more thorough search. As I’ve noted before, I think Mankiw is extremely competent and knows what he’s doing – I just don’t like what it seems to me he chooses to do with his skills and his knowledge.

My apologies to Greg Mankiw. A regular reader of his blog would have seen the post a month and a half ago in which he indicates his ties to Romney.

Update 2: Something really wierd is going on… For some reason, last night when I wrote this story, when I ran a search at Greg Mankiw’s blog using “Romney” as the key word, three stories came up. None was the one mentioning Mankiw was now an advisor to Romney. This morning, I ran the same search, and there are now four stories – the addition being the story in which Mankiw mentions that he was hired by Romney. I checked the file where I save screenshots to make sure its not just my faulty memory and its not just my imagination. The story from back in late November that I did not find yesterday is now at the top. Anyone have any idea how the blogger search function works and why something like this would happen?