Edward Charles Ponzi Jr. post entitled "Another Economist’s Thoughts About The Fed and Mr Bernanke"

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While the Chairman’s Speech had many Angry Bears discussing Social Security finances, one Bear (a Prudent one) was thinking of some different issues altogether. Doug Noland — economist at Prudent Bear Funds — publishes a regular feature: “The Credit Bubble Bulletin”. The Bernanke speech of Jan 18 was featured in this weeks Bulletin, along with some other Fed-centric comments. With all of Noland’s Bulletins — you must scroll down to the LAST SECTION to read his comments — the beginning is a long list of current data. In this case the last section is: “Mishkin on Asset Bubbles and Monetary Policy”.

Excerpt: “I hope readers will recognize that we today confront one of the Corrosive Consequences of Inflationism: Complacency and lack of resolve to deal with critical issues. Confidence in the Fed’s capacity to cut rates, manipulate market behavior, and “reflate”/”reliquefy” has never been as unyielding as it today. If the power of the Fed was not made clear in the early nineties, it was in 1998, 1999, and 2000-2003. If the banking system needs recapitalized, there’s no problem. Hedge fund and Y2K scares, the Fed’s on the case. If a collapsing tech Bubble is weighing on growth, simply inflate home prices. If the corporate bond market suffers from bursting Bubbles, fraud, and problematic risk-aversion, well, just communicate to the marketplace that it’s the Fed’s policy to garnish outsized financial profits on the risk-takers and leveraged speculators. When the debt load – for individuals, businesses, governments, speculators – for the entire nation – becomes too onerous, just inflate system Credit, liquidity, asset prices, incomes, earnings and tax receipts.”

As I am a Prudent Bear Fund stockholder — I read his work regularly. I am not sure I have ever seen the issue of Credit Bubbles come up here in Angry Bear Land. We’re all BEARS aren’t we?


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