Deficit Hawks with Our Wings Clipped

I hope Brad DeLong does not mind that I have just cut and pasted the title from something in the right column of his blog for my title. But also permit me to quote him in full:

One thing that happened over the past six years – a thing that I had not recognized – was how much the policies of the Bush administration have destroyed the power of my own faction, the deficit hawk faction, within the Democratic Party. The failure of the Republican deficit hawks to put up even the most feeble of struggles against George W. Bush has led every other faction in the Democratic Party to conclude that we Democratic deficit hawks are saps: deluded enablers of the Republican leadership’s right-wing class war.

As a fellow member of the Democratic deficit hawk faction, let me agree with Brad 100%. The GOP leadership has conspired with the rightwing in CLASS WARFARE (let me invite the partisan liar known as Robert Novak try to sue me). Alas, the kids will suffer in the form of less output per person to divide. Any member of this rightwing faction who argues Laffer curve style garbage that theirs is a ProGrowth agenda is either a liar or a fool.