Bush on the Deficit: Insulting Democrats?

Mark Thoma picks up on the appeal to the rightwingers on Bush Drops the “ic” from “Democratic” During Speech. So did Yochi J. Dreazen, Josh Marshall, and many media pundits. But seriously – why would we care in light of the serial dishonesty from the President on fiscal policy:

First, we must balance the Federal budget. We can do so without raising taxes. What we need to do is impose spending discipline in Washington, D.C. We set a goal of cutting the deficit in half by 2009 – and met that goal 3 years ahead of schedule. Now let us take the next step. In the coming weeks, I will submit a budget that eliminates the Federal deficit within the next 5 years. I ask you to make the same commitment. Together, we can restrain the spending appetite of the Federal Government, and balance the Federal budget.

Pardon my French – but this is crap. The General Fund deficit has not declined and the notion that we can balance the budget without reversing his tax “cuts” is a lie. Of course, the unified deficit is smaller but then we have this:

Finally, to keep this economy strong we must take on the challenge of entitlements. Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid are commitments of conscience – and so it is our duty to keep them permanently sound. Yet we are failing in that duty – and this failure will one day leave our children with three bad options: huge tax increases, huge deficits, or huge and immediate cuts in benefits. Everyone in this Chamber knows this to be true – yet somehow we have not found it in ourselves to act. So let us work together and do it now. With enough good sense and good will, you and I can fix Medicare and Medicaid – and save Social Security.

Saving Social Security from this fiscally irresponsible President who seems hell bent to default on our Social Security obligations? Such brazen hypocrisy! No, he did not insult members of my party. He insulted every American.