What’s After One Last Big Push?

So today, the Generals have come out in favor of more troops in Iraq. Just the other day, they were against more troops. In other words, something (could it be the administration?) has caused them to change their minds about the importance of more troops, allowing GW to get his wish – the “one last big push” scheme and still say he’s doing only what the generals want him to do.

(Ironically, a few years back, things went the other way. We all remember what happened when the generals spoke up about the need for more troops in the beginning of the war….)

Now, the problem with this the scheme the military is now endorsing seems to be that, well, the military doesn’t know what its endorsing because it hasn’t been told by the administration yet, and the administration is making it up as they go along:

“Those skeptical about the efficacy of an increase argue that any new troops must be given clear instructions. However, defense officials say the U.S. commanders in Iraq have not settled on what that mission should be, although they are expected to decide before calling up new units.”

I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not seeing a good outcome to this – we’re seeing an administration that tends to be incredibly wrong grasping at straws about to roll the dice with other peoples’ lives supported by the same bunch of cheerleaders who have been wrong about everything else so far. So what happens next year, when the last big push, whatever it turns out to be, has come to a screeching halt? Anyone have a guess?