Victor Davis "It’s Bad When Other People Do It" Hanson on Saddam’s Funeral

One of the cool things about the NRO is that you find, in one place, people from the entire neo-con spectrum, from those that are more thoughtful to the outright crazies. (Sometimes, you have folks who are pretty rational about most things, but have one or another issue about which they’re clearly unhinged, but we can have a discussion about the mathematician who waxes eloquent about little girls some other day.) Now, one of the voices that I think falls under the outright crazy crowd, but that seems to be somewhat respected in the NRO world is Victor Davis Hanson – who has been cheerleading the whole mess in Iraq for quite a while. Its my impression he’s also been pumping the “US should invade Syria and Iran while we’re at it” meme.) This morning, Hanson shares this:

“One of the most depressing sights of the entire Saddam postmortem were the clips shown ad nauseam of all the dignitaries, diplomats, and obsequious reporters who in years past trekked to Baghdad to flatter or to pay homage to this creepy mass murderer. Watching a younger Kofi Annan, Lindberg like, pump Saddam’s hand, smiling and offering blandishments was sickening. Surely the world can learn from this sordid spectacle, and not repeat the same mistake with Ahmadinejad and Assad. Their demise will come soon enough, and only the clips and outtakes of the appeasers will remain.”

For some reason, he doesn’t mention this. I wonder why.