Oy Vey

I’ve stated my views of the two main political parties before… its my opinion that at this point in time (at least since 1994, if not 1980), the Democrats are less obnoxious than the Republicans. I’m hopeful the Democrats are going to clean up Washington, but I’m not exactly willing to bet on it.

Kevin Drum links to an article providing some indication that the incoming Democrats are as willing to embrace complete ignorance on important subjects, and elevate the completely ignorant to leadership positions, as the outgoing Republicans.

You can’t win a war if you don’t have a clue who you’re fighting, and you can’t win it if you aren’t fighting the people who are fighting you.

Let me close this post by stating… the hell with all these people who don’t have the decency to step aside when their ignorance costs lives. I hope they rot. And I hope the same for those who enable them.