Help Wanted – Redux

All y’all might recall some months back Angry Bear posted a help wanted notice. I responded, and I’ve been posting ever since. But aside for the past week, I have tended to post every few days, which means that most of the burden for keeping the site up and interesting falls on PGL, and while PGL manages to keep up both the quantity and the quality, its a big burden to put on anyone.

What I’m getting at… this site would be a bit more interesting if some of you, especially the regulars, responded to Angry Bear’s help wanted notice.

Here’s what I’ve learned:
1. Writing these posts takes work, but its a lot of fun, and you learn a lot, both writing the posts and by the comments you get back.
2. Your writing skills improve.
3. You get to steer the conversation to what you want to discuss.
4. Not all posts have to be long and tough to write. Often, simple questions to the audience generate a lot of interest among readers. My post the other day linking to Steve Benen’s post, and then speculating on information and markets is a case in point.

Additionally, while the writers and many of the readers are left of center, I suspect we would all be better off with some writers that are right of center. (I don’t think we would benefit from writers that are very far left or very far right, however.)

I haven’t had any discussion with Angry Bear since he gave me my copy of the keys to the joint, but I would expect he would still happily take new recruits. But… maybe you’re not sure if this is for you. (Note… you don’t have to post frequently to make one heck of a contribution.) If you want to test the waters… if you write something up that I think makes sense for this site, I will post it (crediting you, of course). I don’t have to agree with it in order to post it either. (If you send me something, make sure the subject header doesn’t read like something from an e-mail scam.)

So think about it.

(And btw… extremely large former stray cat still needs a permanent home! Let me share her hard luck story… when we found her, she had a massive ear infection, which caused her to scratch her ear so strongly that she collapsed her ear. The vet said she couldn’t imagine the pain the cat must have been in. Anyway, the ear infection has been cleared up but that one ear will never reinflate so she is kind of funny looking. She also walks like a German shepherd. And she is very friendly to complete strangers. She is a very unique cat, which makes a conversation piece – if you’re a really boring person, and you need some way to spice up your conversations before you drive your last remaining friends away, I have what you need!!!)