A Credible Story

I think just about everyone has come to a conclusion that things are not going well in Iraq. Sure, there are those who still insist that in most of the country things are going well and who put the blame for the mess on everyone except those who actually have made any decisions about the war at all, but these are the cheerleaders who have just now realized that all is not hunky-dorry.

I think the problems in Iraq are evident to anyone who breaks things down into the ten year old level.

1. A very bad person attacked the US
2. The President ordered an attack on that very bad person who was hiding in Afghanistan
3. Instead of finally finishing the bad guy off in Afghanistan, the President ordered an attack on another very bad guy who happened to be an enemy of the very bad guy who attacked the US
4. The President treats other bad guys as his friends.
5. The other bad guys want us dead and are funding the bad guy with whom we’re fighting now.

Now, does this sound like a credible story to a anyone?

Correction: Restated point #5…
Correcton 2: Removed duplicate words from point #3 pointed out by M1EK.

Update: Two questions: What could possibly be the motivation of a person who behaves as described above? What could possibly be the motivation of people who cheerlead such behavior?