Early Signs of Good and Bad

In game theoretic terms, when the Dems officially take over Congress, GW’s options are basically:

1. Cooperate
2. Fight
3. A bit of 1 and a bit of 2.

What are early warning signs (say, in the first few months) that Congress is useful or useless, or that it is corrupt or relatively (for a Congress) clean?

With respect to useful or useless… there should be signs that have little to do with one’s politics. An honest liberal could find at least a few things to admire about Reagan and GHW, and an honest conserviate could find at least a few things to admire about Carter and Clinton. So what are signs that most people not in the fringes can agree upon?

With respect to corruption… I would imagine that most readers of this site are slightly left of center – that means, if anything, we should be more vigilant and concerned, not less, lest this group turn out to be a pack of vermin. (BTW… I’m already not encouraged… giving one of the ABSCAM boys a high profile is little different than giving one of the Keating 5 boys a high profile.)

Your thoughts?