Newt on the Foley Scandal

Does Newt Gingrich understand the words that come out of his mouth? Chris Wallace interviewed the former Speaker of the House who was trying to excuse the fact that the current Speaker ignored this scandal:

WALLACE: Speaker Gingrich, did House Republican leaders do all they should have?
GINGRICH: Well, I think if you look at what they actually knew, which was that the family did not want anyone involved, and the actual notes were relatively innocuous, there was nothing sexual in those notes.

So the House leadership had no idea there was anything sexual going on? But then Chris Wallace wanted to know why an earlier investigation would be construed as “gay bashing”:

WALLACE: Well, how would it have been gay bashing?
GINGRICH: Because it was a male-male relationship. And it had no – there was no proof, there was nothing that I know of in that initial round that would have led you to say in a normal circumstance that this is a predatory person.

A “male-male relationship” between a 15-year boy and a grown man. How did this goofball ever become Speaker of the House?

Update: Charles Babington and Jonathan Weisman write:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) took the House floor last night to demand an investigation into the Foley matter. But Boehner headed her off, calling on the House to refer the matter to the ethics committee, which the House promptly voted unanimously to do.

Pelosi’s motion makes a lot of sense so why would anyone vote to table it – except a partisan GOP hack. All Democrats voted to table it including Pelosi. Mark Kleiman is on the story and writes:

there were audible “noes” on the voice vote and Pelosi demanded the ayes and nays.

Just like these tyrants under Hastert’s corrupt leadership – they table a motion to investigate this scandal and their own cover-up of it by recording a unanimous vote when many in the House voted no to the tabling.