Kash, Back in Action

Regular Angry Bear readers will (hopefully?) have noticed that I haven’t been writing regularly for quite some time. Well… I’m back. However, while I will be posting occasionally on Angry Bear, most of my day-to-day writing will now be on my new blog, The Street Light. From the blog’s first post:

For about two and a half years, I was one of the principal writers on the blog Angry Bear, writing about economics and politics. It is a great blog, and I had lots of fun with my excellent coauthors trying to keep up with current news in economics and politics in the US. During my time as a principal writer at Angry Bear we saw it all, from the ridiculous to the sublime. True, the ridiculous moments seemed far more common, but oh well.

Then, I was forced to take a bit of hiatus from blogging by the demands of the rest of my life. Yah, it’s that old “real life” excuse: jobs, moving, family, and so forth. It turns out that those things can take up quite a bit of time, if you actually pay attention to them. But now I’m now ready to put all of that behind me and get back to blogging again.

I realize that this move is a risky one; on Angry Bear, I’ve always been able to hide behind the fact that it wasn’t exclusively my blog. Now I will have no such excuse…