The Democrats Have No Plan

Are you tired of this Republican spin? So is Kevin Drum who does a nice job of summarizing what the Democratic plan to combating terrorism looks like. Kevin proposes that:

At this point, it strikes me that our problem is less about agreeing on policy than it is about agreeing on marketing. We have enough consensus on policy that we can move forward if we only have the courage of our convictions about this stuff. We need to talk about our approach out loud, we need to believe that people aren’t too scared or stupid to make sense of it, and we need to be clear that we think Republicans are taking a hysterical approach to national security that’s both partisan and foolish.

Soledad O’Brien just interviewed Senator Durbin who was following Kevin’s advice. In his appearance on Meet the Press, Bob Casey did as well. But watch the doublespeak from Rick Santorum:

SEN. SANTORUM: Look, the plans that my opponent has laid out in some of his speeches and I’ve laid out in mine are basically the same thing the administration is trying to do. … My, my opponent has, my opponent has, my opponent has no plan. The idea—all he’s suggested is his plan is Special…
MR. CASEY: I just gave a plan. Where’s yours?
SEN. SANTORUM: All you, all you suggested with your plan is more Special Forces.

The Democrats have no plan followed by their plan isn’t that great preceded by the claim that the President has adopted the Democrat’s plan is laughable. So why do the Republicans keep repeating such absurdities? One clue is how moderators like Tim Russert let the Republicans get away with saying such nonsense. Casey’s fireback “I just gave a plan. Where’s yours?” was perfect. Let’s see more of this.