Couric’s Debut

The first story during Katie Couric’s first show as the new anchorperson for the CBS Evening News was delivered by Lara Logan with Katie’s opening being:

Nearly five years after U.S. forces defeated the Taliban and scattered the al Qaeda terrorists they were protecting, the Taliban and their terror tactics are back. This year in Afghanistan, roadside bombings are up 30 percent. Suicide bombings are up 100 percent and more than 100 U.S. and NATO troops have been killed. In response, the allies have launched a counter-offensive against the Taliban, killing as many as 60 on Tuesday alone.

Today, the rest of the news outlets are playing catch-up to this important story as to how Bush’s incompetence is allowing the Taliban to gain influence in Afghanistan, which of course, allows Osama bin Laden more comfort that we will not capture him anytime soon. As I thought that this was a great beginning for Ms. Couric’s new position, I also wondered how the rightwing would respond.

Tim Graham endorsed the suggestion that Katie Couric end her shows with “that’s the way it is at the DNC”, which must mean Tim was disappointed that CBS had not become Faux News II. KLo had a similar reaction but she also had to put forth a fashion critique:

Oh the completely catty commentary that will be forthcoming (nevermind the white after Labor Day)….alright, maybe it’s time for me to turn Brit back on.

KLo repeats herself but then criticizes Couric for a little humor.

You see – the Corner Kids were hoping for Katie Couric to wear the right outfit as she told her audience that Bush’s incompetence was actually prevailing in the war on terror. In other words, be more like Neil Cavuto.