Ayman al-Zawahiri’s Gift to the GOP

The CNN headline is:

Al Qaeda No. 2: Bush a liar, ‘spiller of Muslim blood’

Meanwhile George W. Bush attacks critics of that stupid decision on 3/19/2003:

President Bush asserted Friday that critics who claim the Iraq war has made America less safe embrace “the enemy’s propaganda.”

And check out the Fox News interview with Dennis Hastert:

ASMAN: But again “coddling terrorists.” You say democrats are doing that. That’s really tough language.
HASTERT: I’m saying what they’re doing is they’re not allowing us to prosecute these people. They’re not allowing us to – the 130 most treacherous people, probably in the world, and they want to put them and release them out in the public eventually.

Notice in particular the background picture of Ayman al-Zawahiri. You know – Osama bin Laden and Karl Rove are getting really good at coordinating these things.