All the Questions in Economics

The Angry Bear site can get a bit slow because these posts usually take a bit of time to write. Generally, one has to look up data and do at least a basic analysis before writing something, and then whatever gets written has to in some ways match the data and the analysis.

Now seems to be one of those slow times. I’ve noticed even the prolific PGL hasn’t had a chance to post in the past couple of days (unless he beats me to it as I’m writing this right now), and the post I’m working on won’t be ready for a while (I gotta do some paying work right about now!), so I thought it might be useful to throw out a question (and make you folks do some work)…

Is there something that should be covered but isn’t in the economic blogosphere these days? (Note – I’m not volunteering to take a stab at these topics.) What are the important questions not being asked – and what do you think might be the “answers” to those questions? Or perhaps you think there’s a data set not being looked at – what is it, and what does the data seem to say?