Iraq: Our Second Correct Diagnosis

Rich Lowry sort of concedes an obvious point:

For the past 30 years, left-right debate over America’s wars has traveled a well-worn rut. The Left says whatever war is in question is “another Vietnam,” while the Right denies it. After three decades of being serially wrong, in the Iraq war liberals might be making their first-ever correct diagnosis.

Mr. Lowry is finally say Iraq has become a second Vietnam. Welcome to the Reality Based Community, Rich! But you forget two things. Some of us supported the wise way George H. W. Bush handled the 1991 Iraq issue. But more importantly, some of us were saying back in 2002 that invading Iraq would lead to the lose, lose situation we are in now and would be seen by Osama bin Laden as a “gift from God”. So our diagnosis was correct back then – and yours was horribly wrong.