In Defense of Warren Buffet (another Fuzzchart Edition)

For some reason Jerry Bowyer has decided to SwiftBoat Warren Buffet. Bowyer seems to be mad that Buffet has criticized corporate greed and accuses Buffet of being guilty of making good business decisions. The mixed-up mind of Fuzzcharts was evident in his opening paragraph:

Last Saturday, when Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway company revealed that its boffo first quarter was due partly to high returns from its investment in corporate jets, the cycle of irony was finally complete.

Let me type slowly for the mentally challenged Mr. Bowyer. Buffet’s company was selling products at a profit with some of the buyers being corporations whose decisions were made by executives not maximizing shareholder value. Had Buffet’s company choose not to sell products in high demand – it would not be maximizing its shareholder value.

Of course, we see at the end that Mr. Bowyer’s real problem with Warren Buffet is that Mr. Buffet is not stupid enough to endorse the National Review’s incessant supply-side stupidity.