Byron York Questions the Integrity of the Hubris Authors

Byron York fires off this NRO post:

But representatives of two central figures in the case, former Cheney chief of staff Lewis Libby and top White House aide Karl Rove, say the authors never got in touch with them, much less interviewed them, for the book.

Biased reporting by David Corn and Michael Isikoff? York later provided Isikoff’s reply to his charges:

I told [Rove lawyer Robert] Luskin I was working on a book late last year on all this and reminded him again in April at the time I was talking to him about Rove’s last grand jury appearance as we went over— yet again — the Rove, Cooper and Novak issues that I was writing about for the magazine. (I have operated under the assumption that he and others didn’t have a different version of the truth for a book than they do for the readers of Newsweek.) Mark [Corallo] was interviewed for the book last December (about a matter he dealt with at the Justice Department) and I spoke to him periodically over the next six months about matters relating to Rove. At one point, he even helped put me in touch with a source for the book. Barbara Comstock certainly knew I was working on a book for at least the last six months and I certainly spoke to her during that period. (The Libby lawyers have consistently no commented me and David, as they have everybody else.) Finally, Dan Bartlett was sent a lengthy email that included questions for the book relating to Rove unrelated to the leak case. He chose not to respond.

While he’s not rushing off to falsely accuse a report of Liberal Bias, Mr. York keeps himself busy suggesting the only wrongdoing in PlameGate came from the State Department. So when does Karl Rove and Scooter Libby get their medals of honor?

Update: CNN runs a story as to how Richard Armitage was Novak’s “original source” according to “sources” who they bother to identify even as the story uses the term “original source” ad nauseam. The story admits we don’t know how Novak learned Valerie Plame was a covert operative and this CNN story does not talk about all those other sources of information.