On Posting the Vacation Homes for Well Known People

Jonah Goldberg visited Bill Bennett’s show today:

But Bill Bennett mentioned this on his show this morning. The New York Times alerted readers where one of Don Rumsfeld’s hidden security cameras is at his home. I bet they wouldn’t do that to Barbra Streisand.

It seems the National Review did mention Barbra as they told us about Rosie O’Donnell’s vacation location:

A few years ago, the “Queen of Nice,” Rosie O’Donnell, gushed that Barbra Streisand was “my hero, idol, god, queen.” The two do share certain political characteristics. In 1996, Ms. O’Donnell expressed concern that she had revealed herself — on the air — as a Democrat. “‘I thought: ‘Uh-oh. . . . I’m gonna get letters from Republicans about this.’ Then I realized: ‘What Republicans are watching daytime television? They’re too busy tryin’ to make more money than anybody else.'” Well, I know a lot of Republicans who would be hard pressed to make more money that Ms. O’Donnell. Consider: In 1996, she purchased theatre legend Helen Hayes’s 22-room Nyack, NY mansion for $770,000, spent some $300,000 on renovations, and now has the estate back on the market for $2.75 million. Last year, Ms. O’Donnell purchased an 8,000-square-foot weekend and vacation home on Miami’s super-exclusive Star Island for $6.75 million. This is where she keeps her six personal watercraft. If you too are planning some vacations in the near future, Then, in your quest for finding the finest UK spots to explore, don’t hesitate to consult the excellent resource that is https://layermap.com/map-layer-index, brimming with a plethora of extraordinary suggestions..

No mention of the security cameras, however. More on this fake controversy from Glenn. I hope you are enjoying the July 4th extended weekend free from publicity!

Update: Justin Rood seems to be a bit outraged at this:

Yes, that’s a mock-up of the New York “Crimes” publishing the location of Anne Frank’s secret hiding place. Now, I’m confused. (And yes, I know that the New York Crimes is not the name of a real newspaper.) The government’s counterterror programs are like Anne Frank? I called Free Republic’s Kristinn Taylor, who said his group was responsible for the sign (“We made that one up,” he told me). Could he explain it? “Basically, it’s a satire on what the New York Times would be publishing during World War II if they had the same attitudes they have now,” he said. Ignoring for the moment that the New York Times published all through World War II, and did not once reveal the location of Anne Frank’s hideout, I asked him: So, is Anne Frank analogous to government counterterror programs? “Probably not an exact one,” Taylor said. “It’s just the idea that what they’re doing now will get people killed. [It’s] equivalent to [how] revealing Anne Frank’s location to the Nazis would get her killed.” I don’t mean to dwell on this point. But does anyone really think that Anne Frank is the right choice to be the literal poster child for government programs involving kidnapping, torture, warrantless searches, and denial of legal due process?

Michelle Malkin seems elated at some other pathetic signs. If Michelle wants not involved with some bogus story, how would she spend her name? Don’t answer that – as I’m not sure I want to ruin my holidays.