Immigration Reform: Will Bush Flip-flop?

Josh Marshall is worried that President Bush will flip-flop as he reads this story:

President Bush is signaling a new willingness to negotiate with House Republicans in an effort to revise the stalled legislation before Election Day. Republicans both inside and outside the White House say Mr. Bush, who has long insisted on comprehensive reform, is now open to a so-called enforcement-first approach that would put new border security programs in place before creating a guest worker program or path to citizenship for people living in the United States illegally.

The Corner Kids over at the National Review – whose free markets philosophy specifically excludes free mobility of labor for Hispanics – are elated that Bush might put partisan politics above what once seemed his sole principled stance on policy.

Speaking of making all things partisan, we see Tom Maguire cannot resist:

Hmm – are the Democrats planning to both attack a do-nothing Republican Congress and oppose an enforcement-only bill? Or might a Republican compromise expose some rifts on the Democratic side?

Shorter Tom – a bad bill which helps drum up division and hate to aid the Republicans in November is better than no bill at all. This Democrat is hoping that we hold out for the Senate version, which is a far superior approach, and short of that, oppose the very bad bill put forth by the House. Shorter PGL – doing nothing is better than a very bad bill.