Help Wanted…

As our readers surely have noticed, Kash is posting less frequently of late (though he did make a recent appearance). And I, unfortunately, have had no time to blog in a long time. While I hope that will change at some point, it probably won’t be soon.

PGL is doing a great job covering for us both, providing interesting posts on a daily basis. That said, my opinion has long been that several bloggers are better than one. This is true based on both the volume and variety of content. And I think that PGL and Kash agree. As a result, we’re looking to add one or two regular contributors to the blog.

A Ph.D. in Economics or closely related field would be helpful, but it’s not required (e.g., a graduate student might do well as a blogger, though I’m not sure I can in good conscience advise a student to spend time blogging instead of working on her thesis).

There’s no political litmus test, either. But for the sake of overall coherency, it would help if you were not too far right or left of the median post here at Angry Bear.

If you’re interested, just send me an email with a short bio.