Markos Takes on the Byron “objective observer of American politics” York

Media Matters mocks the meek – that being Tim Russert who has been on a long campaign to trash the reputation that Meet the Press used to enjoy:

On Meet the Press, Tim Russert noted that National Review White House correspondent Byron York is “a conservative writer,” but then added that York is “an interesting, objective observer of American politics,” without elaborating on the term “objective.” Media Matters for America has documented numerous instances of conservative misinformation from York.

Even if one did not know anything about York’s past misstatements, following his attempt to smear Markos Moulitsas on Sunday’s show would have given one a clear indication of the garbage that York is infamous for:

Now, the problem is, is that we don’t really know how representative they are of the entire Democratic coalition. For example, black voters are a huge part of the Democratic coalition, and Internet activists are overwhelmingly white … But, you know, as far as the, the strength of the so-called net roots, a writer a while back called Markos Moulitsas a king-maker, to which another blogger, Mickey Kaus, replied, “Yeah? Name the king.” The fact is, is that they – Markos and the Daily Kos has lent its support to more than a dozen candidates in the past couple of years and none of them have won … in Connecticut where they’re, they’re supporting Ned Lamont against Senator Joseph Lieberman. And if you were out here at the convention, you almost got the sense that they would rather defeat Lieberman in a primary than the Republican candidate in the fall.

But the really interesting thing about this transcript is not the childish behavior of Byron York or the goofy comment from Tim Russert but rather it was the very professional and able manner in which Markos Moulitsas handled himself. Which reminds me – I should pay more attention to his blog.