Kudos to ABC on Global Warming

In an effort to appear balanced on Global Warming, many journalists give disproportionate weight to pseudo-scientific arguments. This ABC report on Global Warming gets it right: A Perfect Storm Descends on the Nation’s Capital

‘The President — as far as the extensive and repeated researches of this and many other professional journalists, as well as all scientists credible on [Global Warming], can find — is wrong on one crucial and no doubt explosive issue. When he said — as he also did a few weeks ago — that “There’s a debate over whether it’s manmade or naturally caused” … well, there really is no such debate.

At least none above what is proverbially called “the flat earth society level.”

Not one scientist of any credibility on this subject has presented any evidence for some years now that counters the massive and repeated evidence — gathered over decades and come at in dozens of ways by all kinds of professional scientists around the world — that the burning of fossil fuels is raising the world’s average temperature.’


Meteorologist Dr. Jeff Masters answered readers’ questions on the same subject a few days ago: The Climate Change Consensus. His entire response is worth reading – here is his conclusion:

In summary, there is an overwhelming level of scientific consensus on human-caused climate change. … I would like to see the media sharply reduce their coverage of the contrary views of such think tanks as the Competitive Enterprise Institute, George C. Marshall Foundation, and scientists such as S. Fred Singer of SEPP. Getting one’s climate science information from these sources it similar to getting one’s news from a tabloid newspaper. Sure, some of the stories are true, but a lot of the material is of questionable quality, to say the least. The media should focus on getting their scientific information from leading scientists who regularly publish in the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

I’m not optimistic that any progress will be made on Global Warming until 2009, but accurate reporting is a step in the right direction.

Best to All, CR Calculated Risk