Iraq: Misquoting Some Unknown Former Marine Who is Now is a Congressman

Earlier I noted how Alan Reynolds was whining about “what some nameless supply-siders like to claim”. While we can name the free lunch supply-side crowd (Kudlow, Laffer) Jonah Goldberg has forgotten who he misquoted:

For a couple of years now Democrats have increasingly demanded that America get out of Iraq now, soon or by a date certain. The Murtha bug-out chorus says “it’s not our fight,” “let the Iraqis handle it,” “let’s stay out of a civil war,” and, “we can’t win.” I think I have that right.

No Jonah – you left out the word militarily as we also noted. The entire point of the House vote yesterday was to bash Democrats using the type of dishonesty that the National Review is well known for. Of course, Mr. Goldberg either has no ability to remember what he wrote 8 days ago or no courage to face those he falsely accuses.

Update: Jane Hamsher might not be an economist but she has just provided the best explanation for why Goldberg, Byron York, Rich Lowry, et al. lie so much:

Remember that the next time they want to lecture you on their “fiscal conservatism.” They’re privileged, white upper middle-class twits who want the right to shovel shit nobody wants to read and then be paid for it quite handsomely. They’re unwilling to compete in the free market. Always asking for a handout, expecting someone to take care of them. The NRO quite proudly represents the party with their hands on the purse strings. No wonder the country is swimming in red ink.

I am truly humbled as I am an economist. I’ve been trying to say the same thing for so long – so why do I have to wait for Jane to say it so clearly. Well done!

Update II: Given the propensity of my fellow liberal bloggers to do Friday cat blogging and the fact that I own dogs, I’ll turn it over the Cosmo of the National Review to provide us with Hitler Cat blogging. (It has been a weird week).