Bill Frist on CNN Thinking He Was on Fox News

David Edwards watches Bill Frist on American Morning so we don’t have to. Credit goes to Miles O’Brien for not acting like Brit Hume:

O’Brien defended CNN, “We are covering but I think there is – a lot of what you say there – Americans are not hearing that particular message. As the majority leader, isn’t that part of your job?” Frist replied, “Well, you know, it’s part of my job and your job and your whole coming into this was, again, saying [from] Harry Reid that we are spending all of our time on marriage – which is important. That we’re spending all of the time on flag without mentioning what we’ve done of the floor for six weeks. Iraq, the war on terror, making you safer… where’s your coverage of that? What you do is concentrate on things that are spun to you from the other side of the aisle and that’s why that message doesn’t get out.”

Or as Joshua Marshall summarizes:

Frist: Senate GOP polls sagging because CNN not living up to role as GOP mouthpiece.