Rush Limbaugh Pays $1 Per Gallon for Gasoline?

Rush tries to make it simple for his listeners:

I’m going to use a number here because I’m sure it’s applicable to somebody out there. Let’s say a tank full of gasoline costs you $55. Here’s the question. If Big Oil did not take one cent in profit, what would that $55 tank full of gas cost you? The profit is 9¢ per gallon. So if Big Oil didn’t take 1¢ in profit, a $55 tank full of gas would cost you $50, twice what people want to pay at 25 bucks a fill-up. So if Big Oil, the robber barons, don’t take any profit, a $55 fill-up is still going to cost you $50, and when there was no profit, if we were to pull this off, if there were no profit and a $55 tank full costs somebody 50, who would the liberals blame then?

Max Sawicky listens, falls out of his chair laughing, but then gets up to write:

If profit is 9 cents a gallon (bullshit, but let’s try and follow the logic) and zero profit saved you $5, by advanced mathematics it means you have a fifty-five gallon tank.

Hold the phone as my mathematics may not be up to Rush’s, but if he can purchase 55 gallons of gasoline for only $55 – I want to know where he fills up!

Also – Max has a request:

I’ve started to collect ignorant statements from prominent people purporting to explain the price spikes in oil and gas. If you want to help, in the comments post the howlers you have heard from people like Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. It will help me prepare a fact check. Provide sources, links, etc. to the extent possible, and keep it pithy. Statements from liberals and Dems welcome as well. I’m interested in obvious misstatements of fact, not stuff requiring some deep analysis.

Please help Max, but as you do, follow his reasonable set of instructions as his comment box is likely to be very crowded.