California’s Next Governor

Kos is frustrated with our primary race for the fellow who will challenge Arnold’s attempt to be elected to a full term:

So what do you do when your two gubernatorial aspirants, Steve Westley and Phil Angelides, let their primary battle degenerate into a disgusting, slimy pit of bullshit attack ads and surrogate whisper smear campaigns? I quit. I hate them both.

Jonathan Zasloff makes the case for Phil Angelides:

Angelides was the only statewide figure taking him on, and arguing that borrow-and-spend is not the responsible way to run a government. He’s saying the same thing now, and, yes, that means raising some taxes. But that’s what it means to be responsible.

The initial back and forth between Westley and Angelides involved which taxes the other one would increase. Of course, Arnold does not want to raise anyone’s taxes preferring to put my state’s government deeper into debt. It’s a pity when taking real responsibility is seen as a negative. Fellows – chill for a moment as either one of you would be a vast improvement over the panderer currently acting as if he were my governor.