Social Security: Republicans Who Voted No on Privatization

We discussed the latest proposal and daveweigel covers the Senate vote:

So, every single Democrat voted against this. (Something to chew on for the “all the Democrats are worthless except for Feingold” crowd.) Here are the Republicans who voted “nay.”
Conrad Burns
Lincoln Chafee
Pete Domenici
Dick Lugar
Gordon Smith
Olympia Snowe
Jim Talent
Notice anything? Yep, three of them (Burns-Chafee-Talent) are in do-or-die re-election races. The other four are either not running this year or safe from challenge.
Here are some of the Republicans for voted for privatization that are on the ballot in 2006.
George Allen
Mike DeWine
John Ensign
Orrin Hatch
Kay Bailey Hutchison
John Kyl
Trent Lott
Rick Santorum
Hand it to Rick Santorum – he’s really not toning down his wingnuttery to save his job from Bob Casey.