Koufax Awards

The finalists for the 2005 Koufax Awards (the preeminent awards for liberal blogs) are up. The categories are:

Best Blog (non-pro)
Best Commenter
Best Single Issue
Best Series
Best Blog (pro/sponsor)
Best Expert Blog
Most Humorous Blog
Most Humorous Post
Best Post
Best Group Blog
Best Blog Community
Best Writing
Best state and local Blogs
Wider Recognition Blogs
Best New Blogs

If you look closely at the above list, you’ll see a category that sounds a lot like what we do here at Angry Bear: Best Expert Blog. And indeed, our blog is one of the finalists, for the third year running I believe. It looks like we’re currently being trounced by the estimable Pharyngula (a really good blog focused mostly on biology, evolution, and octopus love). But the polls are still open — just record your vote in the comments (please do not vote more than once).


P.S. The good folks at Wampum (Mary Beth, Dwight, and EBW) put a tremendous amount of time, effort, and bandwidth expense into the Koufax Awards each year. So if you’re a fan of these awards and you’re so inclined, you may want to consider making a small donation.